Saturday 22 November 2008

Christmas ACEOs

Busy , busy , busy! I've commissions to finish by the end of the month, but I've been working like a woman possesed all week, and they are well on the way now. I did find time to paint a couple of little ACEOs, which I have listed on ebay.
We have all recovered from the rat incident, except Magpie, who has moved in to the kitchen corner and spends her time staring hard at the cd collection, no doubt hoping for a second moment of glory!
I have been tagged again, by Akiko Watanabe and Annette from Fairyshoes.
I thought I would come up with another 7 facts, but I wont pass the tag on this time. There seems to be a tagging frenzy on the blogosphere at the moment!
1. Sea green is my favourite colour, but I can't wear it - it makes me look horrid!
2. I spent 9 months in Penang, Malaysia, and Bangalore, India, working as a volunteer at animal sanctuaries. A completely eye-opening experience - wonderful and miserable all at the same time, and I came home with very different views than those I went out there with!
3. I am learning to play the violin! (well, that is not quite right - I have always wanted to play the fiddle, and finally bought an old one earlier this year. I have a 'teach yourself' book and cd, but I don't have time to get them out as much as I would like)
4. When I was a teenager, my pony got stuck in a bog on Dartmoor. It was a blanket bog, and she broke the surface and went through to half way up her belly, though I was light enough to stand on the surface. She struggled briefly , and gave up. That was a truly scary moment. I saw the resignation in her eyes, and realised she was just going to let herself sink. We were miles from anywhere, and the only thing I could do was hit her. I shouted and screamed, and smacked her from behind , beside myself with panic, and eventually she gave an almighty struggle and thrashed her way to the edge ( only a couple of metres away).
5. I love white chocolate toblerone.
6. I once trekked out to see the mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park ( Then Zaire, but now the Democratic Republic of Congo)
7. The first band I ever saw was The Pixies when I was 15. It opened up a whole new world!
PS. Don't forget the print giveaway doesn't close till Sunday night ( UK time) so there is still time to enter! Add your comments on the IF Pretend post!


Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle, glad to hear you've recovered from the Rat Incident. I'm not sure if I've recovered from mine yet though hehe! I love the christmas crow design :)

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Ooo, The Pixies - that would be fun:) I have only seen Frank Black open up for The Ramones.
It sounds like you have had some amazing adventures. Your pony in the bog story reminds me of that secene from The Neverending Story movie.
Let me know if you ever learn violin b/c I always wanted to play the cello but thought I would have no chance of learning now.

Ruthie Redden said...

beautiful illustrations, as always. even reading your rat tale ;-) made me shudder, it reminded me so of our own, when we were newly moved into our cottage, rat story which ended in my wee man sleeping in my bed for weeks & weeks took an awful lot of coaxing to get him back into his own. *ruthie*

artbyakiko said...

Hi Danielle! What awesome experiences you had working at animal sanctuaries in Malaysia and India! Happy to know that you saved your pony! It must have been so scary. I also have a violin, but it's been sleeping in my closet for ? years now. Started to teach myself how to play it, but the strings kept slipping out and had to tune all over again. I thought this must be a message from somewhere up there telling me that this task of learning how to play violin was just beyond me.:(
I enjoyed your 7 things!!

Vickie said...

The cards are beautiful. The pony looks like the pony I had when I was a girl.


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