Sunday 23 November 2008

The Cake Calamity

Well I tried! After painting a series of wonderfully eccentric tiered cakes, I decided it really was time to try and make one. Cake decorating is NOT my strong point, but I was inspired by Donna (Cookie Sunshine) who has made some truly stunning cakes, ( see them here) and I thought, " come on now, I am an artistic person, surely I can do it!"
It was my middle daughters birthday, so I had prepared the sponge cakes, designed the colour scheme, and was up till late in the evening decorating. Purple and Gold, a cake fit for a princess. Ok, I admit, the cake didn't have quite the elegance I was looking for - it is rather 'lumpen' and my piped lines are very wobbly. I tried to pipe a purple flower on the top, but I can't work out how to make a 'blob' without a long icing point on top, which then falls over. Not an elegant flower. My sister said it looked like the rat had been back and left an offering on top of the cake.
Still, it was my best effort yet, and I was feeling rather pleased with myself.
I carefully put it on the top shelf in the pantry and closed the door because Magpie is rather partial to cake.
The following morning I came down to find a chair in the pantry and this:

And 4 year old son hiding behind the sofa.
So , he is in disgrace, but luckily birthday child managed to see the funny side. I, on the other hand, haven't quite forgiven him yet!


annette emms said...

What a wonderful story! I'm sure your little princess was thrilled with the cake, she's a lucky girl.
Now, as for the other little scamp . . . :)

Karen said...

At least he left the chair behind. If he hadn't, you might have thought the rat had returned to have a nibble! :)

Unknown said...

Oh dear..... this will be one of those stories which you will be telling to grandchildren when you are old and grey.... Have you forgiven him yet? You will have to console yourself that at least he has impeccable taste! The cake looked magnificant! Ive only ever managed a single tier so was very impressed!!!!
Thank you for the comment on the fairies!

Anonymous said...

I think it looked splendid and obviously a little person did too! :)

tlchang said...

That is a fun story (and what a great cake!). You should check out the illustration on the homepage of my website ( I think you will find it ap propos. :-)

And thanks for the Moleskine tips.

Dianne said...

Well my dear I cooked for 25 yrs as a job , made many a cakes. The seceret is 2 things, it was made with love and its all in the taste and this cake looks yummy to me. Your a great Mom for even trying..
Most would just go out and buy one. I know your daughter was touched you made it for her.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh my... but it really was beautiful before you left it.. and the story is enough to make me have a belly laugh!!
behind the couch... ... that was so funny.. I do think it passed his inspection and taste test!!!


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