Sunday 17 August 2008

Pink Bunnies and a Bearded Lady

I worked all day yesterday, and now have some new ACEOs listed on ebay. I'm also having a bit of a summer sale and studio clearout, in preparation for the beginning of term, and the prospect of LOTS of new projects! I am really looking forward to getting started on some huge pieces - quite an ambitious project with watercolours, but exciting too.

I took a couple of Work -in -Progress pictures yesterday. When working on ACEOs or other small format pieces, I tend to work on 2 or 3 at the same time. It's always good to have another piece to pick up while waiting for ink or paint to dry. And I like to have something to listen to - Radio 4 is a favourite when I dont want to keep getting up to change the CD.

I thought my readers might like to be introduced to my 'gang' too. This is 4 of the 5, lined up this morning waiting for Colette, the EP (Equine Podiatrist - they are all barefoot)
From left to right : Sandpiper, (Dartmoor x Highland yearling), Foggy, (15 year old gelding) Red,(18 year old ,15hh appaloosa gelding) and Marlene, (3 year old Dartmoor filly).


Linda said...

Must be lovely to be home and dry!!

Amy Abshier-Reyes said...

Oooh, these pieces are lovely! I'm really enjoying your drawing style--I love the clean lines and color choices.

And I'm so jealous of you--I miss having horses around. Yours are beautiful!

swhiteart said...

Your illustrations are always so simplistic yet beautiful! We don't get too many horses in my neck of the're lucky to have these beautiful animals grace your presence daily.


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