Wednesday 19 November 2014

How to make a dream come true .......

Now, many of you will already know about the Hedgespoken project, as Tom and Rima have been doing their utmost to publicise it in order to make their dream come true.  However, for those of you that haven't yet heard, their plan is to turn this Bedford truck: 

into this fabulous travelling home, and stage, bringing their blend of magic and storytelling to far flung places, and quiet corners of this island:

In order to make this happen, they need to raise an awfully large sum of money, and so, on a sunny autumn day, friends and family wandered along to the little woodland, dressed in their best raggle taggle finery, and in between feasting by the fire, they all helped to make an amazing little film for them.

(photo by Annabel Allison from Wax Films)

We rode out there too, taking Will and Captain, dressed in their best circus pony outfits!

The fey daughter and the owl daughter (living up to their names) wore splendid outfits, mostly made by my sister, Angharad, of Atelier Bee.

A particularly owlish owl daughter with William.

And a quite otherwordly fey daughter, with Captain.

Both ponies took it in their stride - they are well used to this sort of behaviour ;)

And were mostly concerned about how they could muscle in on the feast.

(Virginia Lee and Marja Lee)
Masks, moons, and music didn't phase them in the least, outlandish outfits and fire sticks were considered normal,

But this, the dancing deer woman, bothered them deeply. Not person, not animal, the tall swaying two legged stag silhouette, really disturbed them. Even when she came to talk to them, and show them that it was a human underneath, they were not totally convinced.
Both Captain and Will kept one eye on the 'not person' for the proceedings.


Everybody made music,

and practised their circus skills (this is the Wolf boy, my son)

and ate lots!

While Tom told stories,

And the amazingly talented Annabel, turned a magical day into an equally magical little film!

So please, if you can spare a penny or two, please help them on their way, by donating HERE and even if you can't, if you have been entranced by their dream, please share it far and wide.
Thankyou :)

And if you would like to come and meet Rima and Tom, and many of the other equally talented people who featured in that film, then come along to our Winter Artisan Fayre, in Chagford, on Saturday the 6th of December, where there will be much Christmassy cheer, and many beautiful goods to purchase, and large quantities of homemade cake!


De la Renaissance said...

This is awesome!! And the video is wonderfully done! Both my husband and I said the setting and much of this reminds us of the way our Renaissance Faire felt and looked (minus the truck:0)! I've passed this on for others to see as well! I wish them all the best!! :0)

Geoff King said...

thank you for sharing your side of the story so far, we live in north Scotland, but might just have to come visit Devon to meet all the magical people and creatures there. Fuggo

Vue at Jindivick said...

It's lovely to see your photos of the day. I've been following and supporting Rima and Tom's efforts. You've captured this event perfectly.....full of colour and life.

Velma Bolyard said...

i LOVED seeing your children here, the ponies i recognized immediately! i have decided to make this cause the one i support this year...poor public radio! danielle, thank you for these beautiful photos! i love your community.

Hedgespoken Tom said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful post, Danielle - your family have all been stalwart and splendid supporters of Hedgespoken in our fledgling flight into the world! Beautiful!

Tom x

Anonymous said...

Wow....beautiful!!! Blessings all...<3 tis coming together at last!!

Jo Potter said...

It looks like a great day was had by all and such wonderful photos capturing all the magic.
The clothes and masks are beautifully made. I can see your daughter is a real owl spirit, both girls are beautiful. Lovely to see you Danielle with your horses.
Hedgespoken is a precious idea and will bring much joy to so many people in the future.
Warmest Wishes,

Bedford Gypsy said...

Such amazing photos, and an amazing adventure Tom and Rima are embarking on, thank you,for sharing, you all looked great!

Dartford Warbler said...

What a magical gathering and such a good idea to continue the oral storytelling tradition like this. I do hope the Hedgespoken project succeeds!

Terra said...

I like the color and variety and creativity of this whole gathering. The ponies add a lot to it too. I hope the undertaking has a grand success.


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