Sunday 7 September 2014

Whortleberries and wood carving

It's my favourite time of year again (well, apart from all the other times that are my favourite when they arrive!)
In these lazy end-days, we pick whortleberries.

Silent meditative hours, picking away, accompanied only by the bees on the heather. And a lizard, which is a rare and precious sight.

The names of the hills run through my head, like poetry, as we walk them.
There is magic in names.
Birch Tor, Chaw Gully, Challacombe Ridge, Golden Dagger, Vitifer , The Warren and Kings Oven.
These are the paths I tread in the last days of Summer.

With a well earned stop for tea. With unexpected whortles in it!

I have also been preparing for Devon Open Studios which is a fantastic county-wide event. It runs from Saturday the 6th of September until Sunday the 21st of September. There are hundreds of artists to visit - it showcases some of the best artwork there is. I am showing mine at Venue 17, Into the Wilds, which it really is! 

You follow the signposts, out, out, farther and farther from civilisation......

Over the beautiful bridge at Lingcombe (where you can also park your car if you don't want to drive along the rough farm track which follows)

through the farmyard

and on along the stony track (avoid the free range cows)

Until you reach Gorselands, at the very end.

This is where Bridget Thomasin lives, she paints and stitches, and writes the most wonderful poetry, all of which reflects beautifully and quietly, the landscape in which she lives so simply.
If you have an opportunity to come out here over the next couple of weeks, please grab it. Bridget doesn't show her work online, and her latest book of poetry, 'a Small Singing', published by Mudlark Press, is only available through her. It's wonderful!

I have framed up some of the 13 moons paintings for the show.
They are not for sale, but it feels good to show them.

Greg Abel is a traditional blacksmith from Moretonhampstead.
His organic looking ironwork is beautiful.


And Sharif Adams is a greenwood worker. He makes these incredibly beautiful turned wood bowls on a pole lathe.

And he carves spoons with an axe!

We will all be showing our work there for the next couple of weeks. It's worth the trip, just to see Bridget's beautiful garden and have a slice of homemade cake!


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I had not really thought about it, but there is enchantment in names of places, hills, valleys and special areas to us alone.

Wonderful photos of you! You look great.

Terra said...

Your works are being shown in a beautiful venue, out in the wilds.

Amy said...

Lovely post Danielle! Wish I lived closer and could come to the show. Enjoy the early autumn time!

Kath said...

Lovely photos. The one of you picking berries with that fabulous backdrop of scenery, will have many town dwellers drooling with envy :-)
You do look well, with your gorgeous hair and lovely skin, you are a natural beauty.


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