Thursday 13 December 2012

Winter Blessings

'Blessed Bee'
Lots of new work this week, as I desperately create for the Artisan Fair in Chagford on Saturday! All these are available as A5 prints, and the originals will come to the fair to sell.
 'The Holly and The Ivy'

 'Bless This Land of My Soul'

'Wise Women'

Made into lovely cards on recycled brown paper.
Cards are £2 each or 5 for £8
Meanwhile I continue to walk this land, finding new treasures and small beauties each time.
These large beauties are my boys, waiting for hay on this iron hard morning.
The small boys, across the valley are growing up, cheeky and playful.
And the view across the valley, ever changing yet remaining constant. This land is home.


Kath said...

Just lovely. I do enjoy your posts and all wonderful photos. If I don;t pop back, I'd like to sned you Seasons greetings and have a cool Yule xx

Em Parkinson said...

The cards are stunning. I meant to ask you about the fair and how to get involved but have been a bit distracted with other stuff if you know what I mean. Perhaps next time. I'll try and pop in on Saturday. x

MorningAJ said...

I want one of those "Bless this land of my soul" cards (with the hare) but I can't find one on your Etsy site. Am I in the wrong place?

Danielle Barlow said...

Merry Christmas to you too Kath!

Come in for a coffee on Saturday, Em?

MorningAJ - sorry, got bogged down with school play preparations last night! They ARE now in my Etsy shop :)

Grace said...

What lovely art! You have some beautiful horses too.


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