Monday 5 December 2011

some pen and ink works.....

Busy, busy in the run up to Christmas! I've been finishing commissions, which, sadly, I can't show you pictures of yet, as they are to be gifts. You'll have to wait till New Year! I've been trying to list a few new prints over in the Etsy shop, and preparing for an open Studio this weekend.

I also did this little piece - a design sketch for a larger piece, depicting the spirits of the land. This one is entitled 'Red Deer Guardian'. Can you see the guardian? It took my children a while! There are prints of this in the shop, but the original is HERE, offered for sale at the 'Magick for Terri' fundraising auction. If you click through, it will explain in more detail the reason for this, but suffice it to say, its a very worthy cause. Terri Windling has offered so much support and encouragement to many of us striving to make a mark in the world of mythical arts, and its an honour to be able to offer something back.
The greats of the fantasy world have come together to help Terri, and there are the most amazing things on offer! I could write my complete Christmas list from the auction :) Fancy an original Brian Froud or Alan Lee work? They are there. Lunch with your favourite author? Or even cooler, the chance to BE a character in your favourite fantasy author's next novel! How amazing is that! Personally, I'd like a poem from Charles De Lint or the 'A Fall of Stardust ' portfolio, with work by Neil Gaiman and Susannah Clarke ;-)

However, if you're longing for an original Alan Lee work, and can't afford the price his fundraiser sketch is making, this beautiful pencil drawing is this week's treasure at Proper Job! It's very beautiful, a local river scene, and is about 15 inches by 9 inches. They are asking for offers over £200, so get yourself down there if you want a bargain! On second thoughts, best to give them a ring first, in case it has already gone.


A mermaid in the attic said...

Danielle, I love these pen and ink drawing of yours. And OH! I know, so many goodies on offer over at Magic4Terri, I'm coveting a whole bunch of things and have tentatively bid on a couple...though I imagine the ones I'd like most would finish far beyond my financial reach, but that's all good! That Alan Lee sketch is gorgeous too, he's a master with pencil, I can only dream of being able to do that.

BTW, disorganised as I am (sigh!), I am working on getting some A3 prints of 'Beauty Remembers' sorted out, but they probably won't be in time for Christmas pressies (what with postage being mad at this time of year). ONE day, I'll get myself organised IN time for the Christmas season!

Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Just love them xxx

Karen said...

Danielle, are you going to be doing more "spirits of the land"?
I love this piece!

Danielle Barlow said...

Christina - looking forward to your prints :)

Karen - yes, I have more in my head, and I'm intending to do a larger painting based on this sketch, but I'm starting to get taken over by christmas now, and probably won't get to do much more work till the New Year. Just finishing off some commissions and presents now !

Jess said...

Really beautiful work Danielle! I shall pay a visit to the auction site right away. :o)
Jess xx

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful work Danielle!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Beautiful new artwork!

Keyan said...

Danielle, I received the 'Red Deer Guardian' today, as well as the lovely fox and magpie print. They are truly lovely. Thank you so much!

- Keyan


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