Sunday 24 April 2011

Easter Egg Rolling


For our family, Easter means a large family gathering for a brunch of drop scones, followed by egg rolling from the top of Meldon Hill.

Everyone decorates a hard boiled egg - some put in a lot more effort than others!

Mine was a very lame attempt in between cooking hundreds of drop scones.

My cousin made a fabulous Mr Bump

and my sister contributed Big Buddha and Big Buddha's Little Brother.

Once we have voted for a winner, everyone takes it in turns to roll their eggs down the face of the hill, inevitably helped by an overexcited pack of dogs.
The winner is the person whose egg gets furthest down the hill, intact.

Afterwards small boys practised rolling down the hill like eggs,

and we all reclaimed our hard boiled eggs (those that hadn't been snaffled up by dogs!) to eat in the glorious sunshine.

Happy Easter to you all - I hope you had as much fun as we did :)


Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

Wow, what a hill!
Hope you all had fun, Happy Easter!

Emerald Window said...

What a wonderful tradition. Wish we had a hill here to roll eggs down. We always color eggs by taking a frilly leaf (like a fern) and wrappping a piece of nylon stocking tight around it and then dying it. The leaf imprint left after the nylon stocking is taken off is a beautiful batik look.

Valerianna said...

Oooo what fun! Didn't do much of anything today... waiting for next weekend for pagan holidays! Does look warm over there... luckily all the snow melted today and its warmer, though not sunny and certainly not hot!

Virginia said...

Happy Easter to you too. Those unique family Traditions are the stuff memories are made of, aren't they!

How is the exhibition going? I'm sure it's been well received - I just hope you've had lots of people through?

And while I'm on the "How's" - how is the new pony settling in? Still a great success?

Terra said...

Now that sounds like a fun celebration, with decorated eggs rolling down the hill, followed by children rolling too. The scones sound good.

Danielle Barlow said...

Swan artworks - Thankyou, we had a lovely day :)
Cenya - I always mean to be organised and prepare eggs in advance. The leaf frond print sounds like a wonderful idea. Instead I end up colouring my egg with felt tips 5 minutes before we start!
Valerianna - have fun next weekend :)
Virginia - exhibition is going great, lots of positive feedback. New pony is coming on in leaps and bounds - I'll show pics in the next post!
Terra - Lots of rolling, lots of fun, followed by lots of chocolate. The kids were blissfully happy!

Kath said...

I just love the girl with the hare!
There was egg rolling down the Tor yesterday, but we fled to the beach with the dogs as a Medieval re-enactment nearby meant canon fire and a trembling dog!
Sounds like you had a wonderful day, what stunning scenery.

Carolee said...

What a fun tradition, and what a big hill!! Perfect for rolling, hehe...

Love the painting too!

♥ Carolee

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

What a great way to enjoy Easter, egg rolling sounds like fun!
Beautiful illustration, as well!

Linda said...

Wow thats some Hill, and great eggs. Linda:)


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