Monday 10 May 2010

Wandering between worlds

"Between Times"

I have been contemplating gateways and openings since the month began. Doorways to magical places, and world's within worlds. That moment when you step from one place to another.

When in fact, I should be madly finishing off work, and framing it. I have an exhibition to hang on the first of June, and am nowhere near ready ;)

"Magic Hare"
Instead I painted a little hare miniature ( it's an ACEO - that's really tiny - only 2.5 by 3.5 inches). I've listed it HERE.

The title of the fox painting above ( Between Times) made me suddenly nostalgic for my teenage years, and my love of Robert Smith and The Cure. I had to go and search out and listen to "In Between Days"! Here it is, for anyone else who feels a pang of nostalgia for those heady days of boys with black eyeliner and guitars.

THE CURE - IN BETWEEN DAYS from Pablo Morais on Vimeo.


Kath said...

Such lovely work. This made me think of the Celtic belief that trees were the "ladders" between worlds.
My husband enjoyed the music, he was a teenager in the 80's, but I cannot find any photographic evidence that he wore eye-liner :D

Bovey Belle said...

I LOVE your photo montage. We are house-hunting in Devon (praying for the right sort of property on Dartmoor . . .) Love your artwork and the horses too. Found you via Yarrow's blog.

Joana Su said...

Such wonderful paintings! I love the "Between times" watercolor. Thank you for reminding the beautiful song!
Joana Soares

Emerald Window said...

I am also a believer in "Doorways". When I visited England a while back I came home with many wonderful photos of unique doors that I was going to put together as a collage about transitions. Haven't done it yet, but now I'm inspired.
Love Kath's remark about trees being ladders between worlds. I am a tree woman.

A mermaid in the attic said...

Oh blimey, now THAT brought back some memories! Yes, I was a teenager in the 80s too, and get very nostalgic when an old favourite pops up on the radio. I have the same fascination, for those cross-over places and liminal times. A funny thing is, as an Australian used to every window covered in fly-screens, the first time I travelled to Britain, I was amazed and fascinated by the fact that an open window had no barrier between the inside and outside. It seemed infinitely magical to me that I could sit on a window sill with my arm out the window, and be half inside and half outside, or that a Bumble Bee (I'd heard of them but never seen one) could bumble into a bedroom then bumble out again!

tlchang said...

I love the idea of gateways and liminal areas and times (midnight, solstices, etc...). The photos are magical also!

Danielle Barlow said...

Kath - I love the idea of trees as ladders between worlds. Trees are so magical!
Bovey Belle - nice to meet you:) I hope you find the sort of place you want here. It is the very best place to be!
Joana - Thankyou :)
Cenya - hope you show us the transitions collage when it's done!
Christina - oh Bumble Bees! Slow , furry, wonderful things - I love them most of all ( so much so that I have two bumble bee tattoos!)
Tara - Thankyou :)

Tammie Lee said...

the fox and the hare are wonderful. I wish you the best getting ready for your show!

Unknown said...

I LOVE your work!
Between Times is gorgeous. I suspect I'll be here often.

Elderberry-Rob said...

hello, thanks for visiting - I just popped in and was amazed at your beautiful work - will be a regular visitor if that's ok.

Clare Wassermann said...

I love your pictures but especially that fox. Good luck with your exhibition - where is it?

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

It's lovely to see more of your vibrant watercolours Danielle and I also took a look at your Etsy shop and added a few hearts. Thanks for visiting my blog. Best wishes, Lesley

Danielle Barlow said...

Thankyou everybody:)
Clare - the exhibition is in Chagford, The Courtyard Cafe for the month of June. I am aiming to hang all the quilts, so I don't thing there will be room for much else!

Linda said...

Wonderfuyl pics, I've been taking alot of gates and natural port holes in hedges type of thing too lately, strange isnt it. Linda:)

Carol Anne Strange said...

Gorgeous work, Danielle. How I love to wander between worlds. Enjoy! There's always time for work and play. :)xx


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