Thursday 8 October 2009

Chagford Hill Pony Sales

A week of clouds lying low around us, fog on the high moor, and mist and perpetual dampness on the low moors signalled the begining of October, and the pony drift.
Today dawned cold and clear, and as always, I walked down the road to watch this year's crop of foals auctioned.

There were at least as many coloured cob foals as true Dartmoor ponies, with the larger ponies in much greater demand. It's a poor year, recession hangs over everyone's heads, and the prices were lower than usual, with several unsold. I always leave my wallet at home - it's so hard not to feel tempted to bring home the unwanted colts!

This fellow though, is one I would have stood and bid for had I been in a position to do so.
A 14hh , 7 year old piebald stallion. I didn't stay to watch him go through the sales ring, but I'm sure he was snapped up!


Terra said...

I am becoming addicted to your blog. When I saw this photo and caption at my "dashboard" I had to look.
Now I am concerned about what happens to the foals that are not sold. Please tell us.
It looks like a frightening or at least confusing situation for them.
That stallion is handsome and I am sure, like you wrote, that he found a home.

Unknown said...

So pretty...I would have been wanting to take them all home.


Julie Harward said...

Thank you...that was so interesting to me! When i grew up, we lived in the mouth of a canyon, one day a wild mustang came into our place and bred our I grew up loving a big horse that was half work horse and half mustang..his name was Rusty, and I loved him so much!
Come say hi :D

Tammie Lee said...

so many ponies all cuddled up! i can see why it would be tempting to bring one home.

Danielle Barlow said...

Terra, it is a frightening and stressful situation for the foals, there is no doubt about it. Thankfully, they are young and resilient and of the many ponies I have known who have come through the hill pony sales in the past, all have been calmed and tamed within a couple of weeks, and none seem to have lasting fearful memories of men.
All the ponies have owners - they are run on the commons by farmers who have commoners rights. Any that are unsold are still the property of their breeder, so will be taken home by them, and most likely returned to the moor to grow on for a year in the hope of selling for a decent price the following year.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Oh, Danielle, they are all so beautiful. I can imagine how you feel and the temptation to bring another dear pony home must be terribly hard to resist. I've been reading all the comments here ~ I think we are all of equine spirit, having been enchanted by these wonderful creatures. Love to you and yours. x

Terri said...

Soory I haven't been by for a visit ...lot's going on for you in your area. Auctions can be alot of fun.

FairiesNest said...

You're right that stallion is certainly a very handsome fellow! Such gorgeous coloring!

Sandra said...

I have never attended a horse auction. I find them sad. But I think the auctions I speak of are different from this. Especially now with horses having little to no value, other than that of meat price.

I too like the stallion. He is a lovely fellow. I enjoyed reading the history of the drift. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is very cold here at this time. We don't usually get this cold this soon.

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Your right, that stallion is gorgeous! I would have left my wallet at home too:)

Yarrow said...

Now that's where I'm coming next year, and I won't be leaving my wallet behind! Although, the New Forest sales are good too, but you do get some ropey little foals going through :(

Do you know about the Faery Arts Event in Dartmouth in November? I'm sooo tempted to come down that way and attend it ;)

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Such adorable ponies.... The piebald is truly handsome and I'm sure was snapped up as you said. I hope they all went to kind homes.

gtyyup said...

That was very interesting. Thanks for the links...that was very helpful to understand the process. I had no idea about any of it. How cute those ponies are...I would have to leave my wallet at home too!

Lesley said...

Just seen your posts on the Chagford Pony sales and the stunning photos. I read about your £15 pony, I have a £10 New Forest for the same reason, I don't need him, but it was me or the hunt kennels, and you are right it is the best thing you have ever done, you have given him a chance and whatever you do with him in the future, he won't end out with the same ending!

I love your candid photos, they make everything think about what happens to these ponies.

Your colt is strong and handsome and will be a good and sound ride in the future.


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