Friday 12 December 2008

Christmas Stars

I have decided to wrap all my christmas presents in brown paper this year, but when I wrapped the first one, it did look so dull and boring! So, I gazed into the fridge looking for inspiration, ( bad habit that - not sure what to do? Look in the fridge!) and Behold! There it was! A lonely potato!
No, I didn't eat it! Potato Printing! I haven't done that since primary school, but what a good idea! As always, my initial design was rather over - ambitious, but I soon managed a wobbly bird and a pair of stars, and by the end of the day had three rolls of great wrapping paper. The kids were REALLY impressed when they got home from school - far more so than when I have been slaving all day over a painting. They were astounded by the idea of a grown -up doing potato printing!
I also managed to collect great-grandma and get to the school christmas play. I got lots of lovely pictures, all suitable for grandparents to display proudly, but these were the the two that made me laugh. The first shows middle daughter (furious at having to be a shepherd rather than an angel) shoving small brother (a cow) off the edge of the stage.
The second shows the same cow taking it upon himself to brandish the star, despite the official star bearer hissing loudly at him " it's not night! Put it down!"


Alexis said...

Hehehe, that's brilliant AND inspiring! I love your handmade wrapping paper :)

Karen said...

I love Christmas plays, they are always so entertaining ;)

Well done you for doing your own paper. It always looks so lovely handmade.

Tessa said...

Oh, what a brilliant light blub moment! Potato prints - perfect. I've always liked to wrap my prezzies in brown paper...and have used oodles of raffia and sticks of cinnamon, dried oranges, rosehips and tiny pine cones to make pretty ties to jazz up the 'brown-ness'. Now I shall try your excellent idea as well, so thank you so much for sharing, Danielle!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Awww, those pictures are darling!


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