Thursday 6 November 2008

Blue Whales and Spanish Quinces

More mad sewing this week! I have been turning out my hoarded fabric, and making some winter clothes for the kids ready to go on holiday to the windy Cornish clifftops. I LOVE doing this sort of sewing ( especially when I can use my sisters industrial overlocker - it is so quick!). These are fleece lined clothes - so soft against the skin, and snug and warm on the beach. The outer layer is patchwork fabric. These sorts of cottons are gorgeous and pretty tough and hardwearing. I am lucky that old friends run Strawberry Fayre, a mail order patchwork and quilting business, so I get to rummage through their stores of beautiful fabric. The blue whale on this jumper was a special request from my son - I appliqued it on at the end.

My youngest son chose this fabric - everyone else looked askance at this, and suggested it was a bit 'girlie', but he was adamant that it was the only thing he wanted a jacket made out of. I think it's great - and not girly at all!

This is the 'piece de resistance' - a reversible gilet for my middle daughter - the glamour queen. You can't see the richness very well in this picture, but it is a piece of Designers guild fabric I had in my stash. It has a satiny pink background, and the red print is a wonderful velvety flock. We will be able to see her for miles on the beach! ( I have washed it well before making it up, so it should be able to stand up to the rigours of rockclimbing!)

And finally, my quinces are ripening on the tree. I am facing the dilemma of wether to get a ladder and try and pick them before we leave tomorrow, or to leave them on the tree to finish ripening. The latter would be a better option, but if the weather is rough while we are gone for a week , and they drop, the slugs will make short work of them.
They are one of my favourite fruits for cooking, and I am hoping to make quince marmalade when we return.


Unknown said...

I have been tagged and I now youve been tagged! Visit my latest post to see the rules!
I should pick them!

Vickie said...

The clothes are wonderful! I sewed most of my kids clothes when they were little. We love looking at old photos and remembering their favorite outfits. I have all boys and they loved the clothes. They are grown men now and about the only sewing I do for them is taking in seams for my very fit youngest son who likes the trim fit but can't find it in the stores. You are creating happy memories:)

A.Smith said...

Absolutely lovely the whole lot of them! And the quince...quince paste with clotted cream...inside little pastries. Here the quince never truly ripen so I just buy the canned one that is nothing like the real thing but the tins from Argentina are close enough to make pastries.

When I was child I once took a bite of one because one cousin told me they tasted like apples. It is really a miracle I still love them, LOL.

Linda said...

I love that cat material , your Son has style..

Emily said...

See stuff like this just makes me wish I had a sewing machine!... not to mention time to find such exciting prints! Fierce!


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