Monday 25 August 2008

Sheep, sheep, and an odd alpaca

Woo Hooo! Chagford Show was a great day out, as always. There were masses of entries in the childrens crafts classes, but Maddy got a third place with her witch ( thank goodness - she would have been furious if that one hadn't won a rosette), and Marlene, to my delight, came second in her class ( Heritage Dartmoor Pony), despite me not wearing a hat! She behaved impeccably, all day long, without batting an eyelid at the traffic, the marching band, and even the heavy horse display taking place in the ring with her while doing her class. Jonathan Waterers beautiful Shire horses demonstrated chain logging to the crowds, followed by a flat out gallop through obstacles by another pair.

The sun finally came out after weeks of rain, and you couldn't ask for a more picturesque setting, in the valley below Castle Drogo

I managed a quick peek at the rest of the show. I especially love the sheep lines, with the many different breeds . This was the biggest sheep I have ever seen!

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montyandrosie said...

So - what contribution does a hat make to winning??? Am curious now. Great paintings - I realise I've seen and admired before when I saw the ginger cat wearing the comb...


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