Monday 4 August 2008

PLEASE can I have 5 minutes peace and quiet?

It's so hard to get any painting done during the school holidays! Don't get me wrong - it's great to have the kids at home, and to have that freedom from routine which we have to adhere to rigidly during the term time, but it is impossible to get any work done! Painting and drawing is my passion, and I start to get uptight and irritable when I dont have the opportunity to do any for a few days. That, and the fact that if I don't work, I don't earn any money - that's inclined to make me uptight too. I tried to get into my shed for half an hours peace and quiet today, but I feel a bit like Mrs Large in the Jill Murphy book 'Five Minutes Peace'. Wherever I go, small people follow me around asking for help with creative projects, or food (Jude) or just generally wanting my full attention. I gave up in the end, and turned the computer over to Lily, and my studio over to Maddy to rummage through the scrap box and make dolls clothes. Jude and I did some weeding, and made some biscuits, and I knuckled down to being a nice mum again.

A summer evening up on the farm with the ponies is a great restorative, and now, after an hour spent watching the swallows swooping overhead in the fading light, and working Marlene in hand, while Lily tidied up Foggy in preparation for Pony Club tomorrow, I feel renewed!

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Linda said...

Foggy looks very smart. Hope you get some time to yourself to paint soon...


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