Tuesday 21 July 2015

High Summer

As Midsummer moves into 'high summer', I have continued to walk, snatching moments in the late evening, when I can find a little breathing space from the chores and stress of life.

I am constantly enchanted by the ever changing play of light across this landscape,

The low evening  light turns everything to gold.

 Even the humble nettle appears jewel encrusted in the light of the setting sun


I try, endlessly, to translate this light show into paintings!


Cator Beeches

Woolfold 3


Greenawell Ridge

Woolfold 2

Hound Tor
 Jackdaw Lines

Several of these originals are framed and heading off to adorn the walls of The Mill End Hotel.
Evening is also the best time to see all manner of wildlife. This doe is often to be seen in the ponies field on the edge of the woods. I crept right up to her on this occasion, across the field in stealth mode (wearing my invisibility cloak), even Captain didn't notice me, and he is usually the first to sense me arrive.

I've also managed a few more cards for the Oracle Deck. These are all part of the earth set.


 Excepting 'Mr Grumpy', who was a reject for the deck. I had some over-  complicated thinking going on, and decided to buck against the imagery I was being given for the hare, and take it in the direction I wanted instead. So I painted two versions in tandem. Out came Mr Grumpy! But he wasn't right for the deck - I could see as soon as I had finished that the Golden Hare below was a perfect fit, and captured the energy of the card just right.

Luckily 'Mr Grumpy' was immediately snapped up by a customer, and has a home where he is much appreciated!



Bovey Belle said...

Thank you for starting my day with a breath of Dartmoor air. I doubt I will get down this year, but you never know . . . I love your photos - the Nettle one is my favourite - and your lovely paintings.

The Golden Hare is lovely. You have got me wanting to draw again . . .

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

They are all beautiful! particularly the owl and jackdaws :)
- The Equestrian Vagabond

hart said...

Lovely paintings, I especially like Greenawell Ridge.

sarah said...

Such beautiful pictures <3

Kath said...

How I have missed seeing your wonderful work, I did enjoy it all, especially the landscapes, they are very atmospheric and almost dreamy.
Lovely to see you blogging today, enjoy the summer with the ponies.

Yarrow said...

Beautiful paintings, Danielle, it's good to catch up with you and the Guardian painting in the previous post is captivating, love it :D

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Linda said...

They are all beautiful paintings!


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