Monday 19 August 2013

Trying some Mandalas

As always July and August have been unbelievably busy. End of term, allotment work, and children's projects and hobbies seem to take up all my time. Most of all we have been busy with ponies, but I'll tell you about them in the next post. I find it hard to have creative space in my head when there is so much else to sort out, and so I haven't done much work over the last couple of months.
However, there have been some new projects brewing, and I managed to devote some time to my studio over the last couple of weeks, and finally got a couple of paintings done. They have been needing to get out for some time.

'For Facing Fear' AKA 'The Slinky Foxes'
I took another step towards working completely intuitively. Here are  two 'Shamanic mandalas,' each painted for a specific purpose.
Each has a particular meditation, or process that goes with it, but I'm not going to publish it here, because I think it is important that they speak to people individually first, before you are influenced by what I have to say about them!
I'm just working on getting prints from each that I am satisfied with, and then I will list them on Etsy (and detailed explanations will be included when the prints are posted off)
'For Healing Trauma'
(or 'The Blue Labyrinth')


Terra said...

Foxes and a winged unicorn, animals of strength and grace, and lovely art work.

Kath said...

These are fabulous. I look forward to reading about the ponies :-)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

It's always a delight for me when you post! Love your new mandala's, especially the first one. It is gorgeous!

Hollie said...

This is great!

Patty said...

I love these! Wonderful to meditate
with and remember our mother earth.


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