Thursday 6 December 2012

Advent arrives.

 December is upon us, and in our house that means homemade advent calendars. The children all have stitched calendars with tiny pockets, and each year I fill them with sugared almonds. This year though, in the last week of November, I had a brainwave for the Wolf Boy. He likes sweets, but more than anything else in the whole world, he loves crisps. We don't have them often in our house - I'm a meanie when it comes to junk food, and E numbers in particular. But the Wolf Boy would sell his soul for a packet of crisps. He even once licked the underneath of his sister's foot, just to be given a single crisp.

So instead of pockets of sugared almonds, I searched out 24 different packets of crisps, and we pegged them, numbered 1 to 24, across the kitchen. His face, when he came down stairs on the first morning of December, was a picture. He was blown away. He has spent the last 6 days obsessing over them, listing the flavours and rating them in order of preference. Imagining what the flavours he has never tried will taste like......
Meanwhile, I have been working like crazy, trying to get some work ready for our Christmas Fair:
Do come along if you are in the Chagford area on Saturday the 15th. We have some fabulous artists. As well as myself, there will be work from Angharad Barlow, Strawberry Fayre, Rima Staines, Olivia Jenkinson, Purposeful Prints, Sarah Halsey and lots of wonderful cakes (including gluten and dairy free). 
It's a perfect day to come and finish your christmas shopping - not only is Chagford full of lovely shops, but Wonderworks is also on at the Jubilee Hall. 
New prints and stickers have arrived, and they are just gorgeous! Some are listed in my Etsy shop, and all will be at the fair with me. I've also been working on some little seasonal paintings too.
'May Your Light Burn Always Bright'

'Orion Hare'

There are more in progress, and other goodies, all I hope to finish in time for the fair!
As well as all this, I also wanted to spread the Christmas Cheer and am having a little Facebook giveaway and 'Last Posting Date' sale at my Etsy shop. From now until 10pm UK time on Sunday, there is a 20% discount on everything in my Etsy shop, just in time to be packaged up and catch the last international posting day, which is Monday the 10th. To receive the discount, just enter the code CHRISTMAS2012 at the Etsy checkout.

Even better , I am giving away a goody bag containing the items pictured below - a choice of A4 print from the shop, a clutch of the lovely new cards, and some sticker samples. In order to enter the draw, you need to go to my Facebook page HERE, click on the giveaway post and 'like' it and then share to your page.
Good Luck, and Thankyou :)


Terra said...

You are a good and brilliant mom, I am sure your son agrees, with your 24 packets of krisps as an Advent calendar. Your art work is enchanting.

Kath said...

what lovely work! and my favourite alcove too...

Elderberry-Rob said...

Fabulous pictures. Unfortunately I don't have Facebook! so will miss out on your lovely offer. I completely understand the Wolf Boy crisp theme - my 14 yr old is the same - he has various labels which mean he can be very addictive to strong flavours and will happily eat two family size packs of crisps in one sitting so we have to watch - but that's a nice idea we could offer in moderation! Not a string across the ceiling though - they would disappear in the night!


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