Friday 20 November 2009

Christmas Crow and a ballad of the seas.

"Yuletide Wreath"
Ok, I managed to finish the second card design! Believe it or not this took nearly two days. It's working title was ' Christmas Knocker' which made my husband and I snigger, and has unfortunately stuck, as silly names do.
Can you tell it's Friday night and I have had two glasses of wine?
This is also for sale - it is fractionally larger than the last one - 5 x 7 inches, and costs £60. I know that seems terribly expensive, but it still barely covers the cost of two days work.
Postage is £3 to the UK and Europe, £5 elsewhere. Do drop me an email if you want it. It will also be available as a christmas card in a couple of weeks time.
I will also be reprinting last year's cards: 'The Longest Night' and 'Red and the Robin'

While in my painting frenzy today, I was listening to a favourite album, and an especial favourite song at the moment. It is 'The Mariner's Revenge ' by The Decemberists.

Ideas were bursting forth for an animation to this song. My New Years resolution is going to be to try my hand at Stop Motion Animation. Maybe something a little less ambitious than an 8 minute song for my first go! It led me to google the song and see if any one else had already animated it, and it turns out that several people have done so. My favourite was this lego version here, which amused me greatly. ( Not nearly as funny as Eddie Izzard's 'Death Star Canteen' which has me in tears on the floor every time I watch it, but still, you can't beat a good bit of Lego.

Speaking of music, you may have noticed that my Playlists have been missing for a while. This is because licensing laws mean that Playlist no longer works in the UK, but I have been trying out other options and think I have found one that will work. As before, it is not on autoplay, so you have to click on the icon to start it playing. It's a fairly Folky/ bluesy mix at the moment.


Jennifer MacNeill said...

Love the raven and the hare below. I love the Decemberists too. can't wait to hear your new
playlist-esque music. I miss your old one! I get sick of my own after awhile.
Okay, need to go catch up to you on the wine drinking:)

Paula said...

Death Star Canteen is HILARIOUS!

Julie Harward said...

Love your new art work..humor and all! like! They slow everything d o w n...Come say hi :D

Linda said...

I love your Christmas Knoker Raven,:), and playlists, I have missed mine and you dont have to play them, must check out a new one to get too. Lindax

A mermaid in the attic said...

"This one is wet, and this one is wet, and this one is wet...did you dry these in a rainforest?" One of our favourites too Danielle, my husband just has to say one line of it and I crack up. Thanks for the video link, I'm listening now, brilliant. Love the raven painting, ravens are so very cool.

Danielle Barlow said...

Thanks everyone! a word about playlists - I haven't found this one from mixpod slows down loading my site, or any other blogs that I have seen it on, although the playlist widget can sometimes really slow down loading. I'd be interested to know what others findings are on this. Does mixpod slow it down?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work ... :0)

artbyakiko said...

Hi Danielle! This crow painting is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on its sale. I hope all is well with you. Happy holiday! ~Akiko :)

Linda said...

I have loaded a mixpod, Thank you and its working well, no problems I can see. Lindax


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