Friday 26 June 2009

Sweet Peas and Roses

What better way to relax for 10 minutes than a pot of tea in the fruit garden, and the scent of sweet peas? I hurt my back at the beginning of the week, and have spent more time at my desk than I would have planned to in this glorious midsummer weather. Thankfully my desk is against the window, and I can see almost all of my little garden from this spot!

This shady rose bower is a favourite spot in the midday heat, although my smallest child keeps collecting snails and relocating them to the old mossy table in there.

And here are Magpie and Beetle. Beetle got accidentally shut in my studio for 24 hours , and I only found him this morning. I expected him to be very hungry and thirsty, but it seems he was only starved of company. He has been very vocal all day, and is following the dog everywhere, talking to her and trying to lick her face. She tolerates this, but sadly, although Beetle obviously adores her , I don't think the feeling is mutual!

And now, off to watch Glastonbury on television - the closest I want to get to the festival these days! Gone are the days of climbing the fence and sleeping in cardboard boxes beside a campfire for three nights. Now I can't bear the thought of so many crowds - I have become very hermit-like in my old age!


Kathleen Coy said...

What a beautiful garden! I do hope your back feels better soon.

Gretel said...

I heartily concur with that, I'd much rather watch it from the warmth of my sofa, having done it in the early 1980's (when it was possible to go there on a week's dole cheque!)

Kim said...

I love your tea cosy, it's gorgeous :) Little Beetle is adorable, I think Magpie may like her a little :)

Kim x

Carol Anne Strange said...

Your garden is gorgeous, Danielle. It sounds like you have an inspiring spot to work from. Hope your back is better. Have a magical day! x

Linda said...

Oh That pot of Tea looks wonderful. I'll have to go and make one now. Your Garden looks so beautiful too, I do hope your back stops giving you jip soon. Take Care Lindax
The ponies are enchanting, hard to resist I'd imagine.

Rusted Wings said...

Beauty surrounds you in such depth....and inspires your incredible art!
warm blessings,


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