Friday 22 May 2009

Disaster Strikes!

Disaster is never more than a careless moment away when you are dealing with ponies and children! Last night things all went decidedly pear shaped around here.
We took the ponies out after school - kids riding, myself on foot. Marlene, the four year old mare, was very much in season, so we were just going to go quietly round the block, sticking to the roads. All was going well until we reached Tunnaford cross when Marlene put her head down to grab a mouthful of grass and took her rider by surprise. Small rider tumbled down her neck , everything intact except her pride, but let go of Marlene. I was 20 yards behind, and couldn't get there quick enough to grab the pony. She stood for a moment wondering what to do, but when small child sat on the floor and wailed, she decided to make the most of the opportunity and took off away from the road and over the moor, reins trailing along beside her. It took us 30 minutes to get over the hill and find her (it's pretty steep), and there she was, amongst the herd of wild ponies.
Thankfully, a neighbour was walking his dog and had caught her (she was fairly trussed up in her reins at this point). Both the neighbour, and another friend who was riding in the distance are adamant they didn't see the stallion cover her, but she has a large graze above her tail, and her lovely leather saddle has a pair of large teeth marks in it, which leaves a suspicion in my mind that she may have been caught. She was certainly mighty pleased with herself after her escapade!

So, there's a very slight possibility we may have a spotted foal next year!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! That painting is just charming. :)

I'm glad noone was injured. What a scare. So what does the stallion look like? Or is he the spotted one?
Will you have a blood test in the coming weeks to check to see if she is pregnant?

Wow! What a day!


Angie @ thejunkranch said...

Sorry your little one hit the ground...but the rest of the tale does make a good story!

Linda said...

Diasters can turn into wonderful surprises, not always what we planned, but then what do we know I sometimes think. Hope you have the conclusion that you would wish for. Lindax

Carolee said...

Yikes, lol! Love the watercolor. :)

~ Carolee

Carol Anne Strange said...

What an adventure! You just never know what will happen when you venture out. Hope you're all ok. As for the stallion, he's certainly keeping busy! :-)

Unknown said...

Whew...Glad everything came out ok...only Pride, and escapade. No one was seriously hurt. Cant imagine the fear running through ur mind and soul at that point.

Love reading your posts.

Sonia ;)

Sarah Sullivan said...

Well that's one way to get a new pony!!! How is the kiddo??? Yikes - am thinking the teeth marks are a pretty good sign. Let's hope for a little one as stunning as the appy foal in the picture!! What a beautiful blanket!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend hon, Sarah

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, that's one of my worst nightmares. Only in reverse, that Merlin will take off to find himself a 'woman'!!! I hope pony and daughter are ok today.

I so love your little painting though, and how wonderful that you may have a foal next year (inconvenient, maybe, but wonderful)!

Kim x

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

That had to be scary to put it mildly! Sure hope she and you all are doing well after the incident! (She's such a beauty!!!)

Danielle Barlow said...

Lisa, it is the spotted stallion in the picture. He is about 13hh, nicely put together, and with a good temperament. I think it is unlikely she is pregnant - the people who were around are certain she wasn't covered, but nevertheless, the teeth marks on the saddle are in just the right place for him to have bitten if he had covered her!
So, we will wait and see. It won't make any difference to our plans for her for this year, though it would obviously put her out of action for next year!

Unknown said...

So glad your little girl wasn't hurt. Great story about your mare having an adventure. LOL Love your art!

KerryOriginals said...

glad no one was injured, but, what a story! Here's hoping for a spotted outcome, lol! Kerry

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

A very naughty little girl! That little foal is adorable!


That's such a pretty painting and interesting story. I am glad no one was seriously hurt, but it still must have been a stressfule experience. What a beautiful little pony!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have had a dog or two take off without his lead and I know how heart-thumping that can be. I cannot even imagine chasing after a horse in similar circumstances! I shudder just in thinking of it. I am so glad all turned out well.

Terra said...

No one was hurt, thank goodness. Is the mare or the stallion or both spotted?
Maybe you arrived in time.
I always enjoy your posts, that is why I signed up to follow your blog.

Danielle Barlow said...

Thankyou everyone for your kind remarks!
Terra, the stallion is spotted, but my mare is black, a dartmoor hill pony, and a similar size to him. He is more likely to throw a spotted foal to a grey mare, but you can never be sure what will come out!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Oh my, do tell in the future the end of the story, with no baby, or the beginning of a new tale with a little bundle of joy !


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