Thursday 16 April 2009

More Easter Bonnets

Aaah, Thanks Jojoebi! I tried resizing this morning, and there was no trouble uploading! ( I love the idea of a disc jockey costume!)
So, here are the missing bonnet pictures! The kids all had a pony Easter egg hunt to go to over the holidays, with an Easter Bonnet competition. Needless to say, only extrovert middle daughter wanted to wear one, and she spent a whole day carefully constructing and decorating two enormous hats, one for her, and one for her long suffering pony Foggy. She had her sights firmly set on the prize, a large chocolate egg, especially as I had announced that we were going to have a low chocolate Easter, and she was feeling rather hard done by. Her effort paid off, and she came home with said chocolate egg.

I also had a new delivery of cards. I finally bit the bullet, and ordered a large batch of these from a professional printers. I could only afford to print three designs in bulk, so I chose my bestsellers - The Botanist, Hanging out With The Chooks, and The Ancient Cross. I now have a couple of hundred of each, so I can try wholesaling some to local venues ( at least, that is the plan!). I'm really pleased with the way they came out. No more putting stickers on the back!


Pussycats and Angels said...

Sounds like your children had fun over the Easter weekend with the pony egg hunt and Easter bonnet competition. It brings back good memories when I had my pony over 30years ago now. I do hope you had a good weekend aswell? The cards look fantastic, I hope you sell them all!
Look forward to your next post.
Warm wishes

Unknown said...

Your daughter is quite talented with her original Easter bonnet! I love your art and especially the ravens. Hope you sell lots of cards!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Your cards look wonderful Danielle! Wish I could have some of mine printed up, maybe in the future :-)

Love the bonnets! And I agree with your daughter on the chocolate!

Sarah Sullivan said...

LOL Loved the pictures of the Easter hats and companions!!! Love the new cards too - beautiful! Sarah

Unknown said...

Oh the competition is adorable...Love the cards....admire your work...told husband about goat cards...he said Goats are awesome....

Sonia ;)

Debra Keirce said...

what a fun Easter! And tell your daughter her hats are worthy of the runway! Your cards are lovely. I've never gotten up the courage to print my art on cards or bookmarks or anything else....Someday.

Carolee said...

Gorgeous new cards - and congrats to your daughter for taking the prize!!

~ Carolee

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog, and am really enjoying looking around! I love your artwork! These Bonnets are too cute, I am glad she got her prize for them!

It is a big step getting some of your work printed up, congrats, and good luck with the wholesale orders!


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