Sunday 2 November 2008

The WHOA sketchbook

Time to remind everybody about the WHOA sketchbook project! This is a fabulous charity project which is really gathering speed and nearing completion. WHOA is a group of Equine artists - there are some great talents among them! Earlier in the year Jennifer Macneil Traylor of Gypsy Mare Studios came up with the idea that we should pass a sketchbook around the group, completing five pages each, and auction the finished book for charity. I had the dubious honour of being the first artist, and the sketches shown above are a couple, depicting the wild Dartmoor Ponies. ( Actually I was only first because I am in the UK, and it was more practical for Linda Woolford and I to do ours first before mailing it to the states)
Anyway, after a slow start -partly my fault- this project has snowballed, and is nearly finished, and we are hoping it can be completed in time for Christmas. You can check out each and every sketch by looking at the WHOA Sketchbook blog.
And finally, a charity has been selected to donate the proceeds to. This is the very deserving Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue.
We are also looking into the possibility of having the sketchbook printed, so we can sell copies of it, although the costs are looking a little prohibitive at the moment. Any suggestions here are welcome!

And I couldn't resist a couple of pictures of my ponies - all in full winter coats suddenly, looking like teddy bears, rather than their sleek and elegant summer selves! The black mare is Marlene ( Mardle Mitchelcombe) a 3 yr old dartmoor hill pony. The bay filly is Piper (Holmedown Sandpiper) a yearling . She is a part bred Dartmoor / Highland.


Vita said...

I absolutely adore your horse drawings!!!!

Jennifer MacNeill said...

Hi Danielle,
Thanks for promoting our book on your blog! Love the photos of your ponies too. I want to bury my face in their soft, warm fur:)

Karen said...

What a lovely book for horse lovers it would be.
Your ponies are gorgeous :)

Dianne said...

The pictures of the horse are wonderful they are so beautiful, I would show them off too.
What a fabulous idea for the book all that colaberation is fantastic. I look at all the other and they are great. I might be partial but I like yours the best your horses look magical, such awesome sketches.. Now I am owner of some of your prints I'm over the top...

The WestCountryBuddha said...

These are fab sketches, full of movement. I've just tuned into your blog and had a quick flick through the first postings, but will be back later to see more!

Lisa M Griffin said...

What lovely sketches of these horses. Your work has such a sensitivity behind it. Thanks for sharing.

jmeyersketches said...

I love your sketches and to be able to sit in such a beautiful landscape and sketch horses.... wow..

You have nice handwriting.


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