Thursday 9 October 2008

Pony Sales

Just a quick post tonight - sorry , no new work to show yet! Instead I have been playing with my printer, and now that I have some gorgeous new prints, I think it must be time to have my first blog give-away. Keep watching - I will post it over the next couple of the days.
Chagford Hill Pony Sales today - so I took the day away from the studio and my chores, and spent the day down at the market. Though sorely tempted, I resisted coming home with anything. There were a lot of ponies there, a mix of Dartmoor types - some registered, and many from the approved commoners scheme, as well as a many spotted and coloured ponies. Prices seemed to be low, with small colts making around 20 guineas, and fillies making 70ish. The best prices were fetched by the coloured ponies, especially the gypsy cob types, of which there were at least a couple of dozen.


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

LOVE those sweet ponies! Wish I could take them all!

Linda said...

Just what I was going to say, me too, hoa'Cowgirl.


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