Saturday 27 September 2008

Goodbye Cleo

It was a sad day for our family, as Cleo, our smallest pony, went off to a new loan home today. She has done sterling service for us, teaching all 3 of the children to ride, and has now been outgrown, so it was time to let her have some smaller children to teach again. That is always the trouble with small ponies - inevitably they get grown out of, and you have to let them go. Sad as it is, it is really the best thing to do - she hates doing nothing, she is such a feisty little pony ( she has the attitude of a Jack Russell) and loves to be out with the big ponies, always up the front! We are going to miss her. ( Actually, it is always possible she will come back - there is no guarantee she will behave herself! Lovely as she is, she can be rather quirky)

1 comment:

Linda said...

Shes a little stunner, If she returns, you will have to hitch her up and start driving to the shops.


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