Sunday 10 August 2008

Macaws today, the Moor tomorrow

Parrots, parrots, and more parrots! It's really just an excuse to use my favourite colours. I LOVE turquoise, and the contrast with a really jewel like scarlet. These two little ones here are ACEOs, and they are all listed on etsy.

I'm now going to be away for a few days, as we are off on a camping trip in the morning, taking the ponies. The weather forecast is vile - torrential rain tomorrow, but it is our only opportunity to go. Both of the girls ponies, after slight lameness, are sound again, and so we ride out straight over the moor tomorrow morning.
I'll catch up with you all when we return!


Jan said...

Hope you have a wonderful camping trip in spite of the rain. I love your blog! So glad I happened to see the link for it. I'm going away for a few days, too. To mama ocean - I can't wait. I have been landlocked too long.

Linda said...

Have a great Trip, your treks always look such fun.
Love the parrots, I enjoy painting their bright colours too, lets you go a bit wild!!


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